Investment Advice

Basic Investment Info

Profiting From Real Estate
While your strategy will change depending on the market, there are 4 primary ways to make money in real estate.

Basic Real Estate Investment Strategies
There are some basic strategies that apply across the board no matter where you are investing or what the current economic conditions are.

Common Real Estate Terms
When crunching the numbers on a property, you'll often encounter some real estate lingo. Here's what things like 'cap rate' mean, and how to use them.

Working With A Broker
Good brokers don't simply sell you property, they help you define your investment strategy.

Investment Strategy

Why Are You Investing?
While almost everyone says they invest for “MONEY,” in reality, we all invest for what we expect the “MONEY” to provide us.  Read on for info on defining realistic goals and developing a strategy to achieve them.

What Type Of Property Should I Own?
When I work with a client, I try to match the type of property to the investor's personality and portfolio.

Optimize Your Portfolio

Manage Your Properties Well
Good property management is the number one factor in the success of your real estate portfolio.

Rethinking Your Current Properties
I always encourage my clients to “never be sellers” but there are times when a property needs to be eliminated from a portfolio.